Our Story

Our Story: The Genesis of Aim for Success Inc.


Beginning with a Vision
In the dynamic landscape of Miramar, Florida, the foundation for Aim for Success Inc. was laid. Our vision was clear and compelling: the economic empowerment of under-invested and underserved communities.

The Mission Unfolds
In [Start Year], our Founder & President, Lori Martin, MBA, together with Ted Lucas, our dedicated CEO & Founder, embarked on a journey driven by three core principles: Educate. Eradicate. Empower. Their aim? To uplift communities by ensuring they had the right tools, resources, and mindset.

The Programs that Propelled Change
As the years rolled on, Aim for Success Inc. introduced a series of initiatives tailored to the community’s needs:

  • Youth Initiatives: Designed to mould young minds, helping them visualize and realize a future brimming with potential.
  • Advisory Services: Expert advice for individuals and businesses, setting them on a path of growth and stability.
  • Real Estate Services: Ensuring every family has a roof over their head, and fostering community-centered development.
  • Financial Forums: In line with our belief that everyone should be bilingual—with fluency in their native tongue and the Language of Money—these forums aim to make financial literacy a community norm.

The Journey Continues
From grassroots campaigns in our nascent days to the comprehensive community involvement we now enjoy, Aim for Success Inc.’s evolution has been profound. Pioneers like Youseline Poteau, our Training & Development Chair, have furthered our mission, ensuring every chapter of our story is imbued with purpose and progress.

As we look to the future, our story is far from over. We invite you to be a part of this ongoing narrative of empowerment, unity, and transformative change.

Our Values at Core
Integrity in our actions, inclusivity in our approach, and innovation in our solutions—these are the guiding stars that shape our mission.

Join us, as Aim for Success Inc. continues to script a tale of hope, resilience, and community triumph. Together, we’ll build a brighter, more empowered future.